Answered By: Natalya Pashkova
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Currently, we don't subscribe to audiobooks and have very few of them. If you use an ebook and download its chapter(s) as a PDF file, you can enable reading the text out loud. There are applications that support this service: for example, Adobe Acrobat Reader. This video walks you through the steps of activating Text-to-Speech in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

EBSCO is one of our ebook providers that supports accessible experiences for users, regardless of their abilities.  You can find more information about it in EBSCO eBook Accessibility User Guide and FAQs. See also

You can also use the EBSCO read aloud service for articles in the format HTML and find more information about it in the following tutorials:

1. Using the Text-to-Speech Feature on EBSCO platform (Instructions).

2. EBSCO video tutorial (Start the video at 1:10 min.).

You can find the information on ProQuest Ebook Accessibility here. ProQuest is another ebook provider that hosts ebooks in our library. 

Please don't hesitate to provide us the book information, so we can assist you better. 

If you're interested in learning about services provided to our students by Access Service, you can contact Nidya Paredes at