Answered By: Timothy Grasso
Last Updated: Jan 04, 2019     Views: 358

The Fuller library changed to a new way of printing in our building – Wēpa. Wēpa is an outsourced, cloud based, print management solution for patron printing that allows you to upload documents to print from almost anywhere! These kiosks were installed at the library in Spring 2018.

The new Wēpa kiosks accept credit/debit cards, Paypal, and Venmo for payment instead of cash or print cards. Printing at the Wēpa kiosks will cost 8 cents for black and white pages, 25 cents for color pages. You can either pay for each printing job at the time of printing with an extra 40 cent convenience fee, or you can load money onto your account on the Wepa Kiosk with no added fee. The minimum upload charge for your account is $5.

To use the system without added fees, you will have to create a Wepa account. You can do this at any Wepa Kiosk or register at

Although your Fuller ID is not your default login, we recommend using your Fuller ID (username and password) when creating an account to ensure you do not forget your login information. You do not want to lose this information, as any money uploaded to your account will only be accessible through your personal login. If you forgot your password, it can be reset here

Once your account is created, you will be given the option to link your account to any card with a magnetic strip (like a debit/credit card) that can be used to sign in with a swipe.

Please note: The old printing system, PaperCut, was phased out at the end of 2018. As previously announced, we do not have the ability to transfer funds from the old system to the Wepa system, nor will cash refunds be issued. If you still have credit on the old PaperCut system, there may still be printers in the Psychology building and Fuller guest Center on that system which would accept the credit for printing.