Answered By: Timothy Grasso
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Here is a listing of  5 of the most popular Christian/Church history journals and their brief descriptions:

1. Journal of Early Christian studies

ISSN: 1067-6341  Most Recent SJR rank: .135
The official publication of the North American Patristics Society (NAPS), the Journal of Early Christian Studies focuses on the study of Christianity in the context of late ancient societies and religions from CE 100-700. Incorporating The Second Century (an earlier publication), the Journal publishes the best of traditional patristics scholarship while showcasing articles that call attention to newer themes and methodologies than those appearing in other patristics journals. An extensive book review section is featured in every issue.

2. Vigiliae Christianae 

ISSN: 0042-6032  Most Recent SJR Rank: .140

Vigiliae Christianae contains articles and short notes of an historical, cultural, linguistic or philological nature on early Christian literature written after the New Testament, as well as on Christian epigraphy and archaeology. Church and dogmatic history are dealt with as they relate to social history; Byzantine and medieval literature are treated as far as they exhibit continuity with the early Christian period. ● Leading journal in its field. ● Extensive book review section giving a critical analysis of other titles related to the field

3. Journal of Religious History

ISSN: 0022-4227  Most Recent SJR Rank: .167

Journal of Religious History is a vital source of high quality information for all those interested in the place of religion in history. The Journal reviews current work on the history of religions and their relationship with all aspects of human experience. With high quality international contributors, the journal explores religion and its related subjects, along with debates on comparative method and theory in religious history. 

4. Church History

ISSN: 0009-6407  Most Recent SJR Rank: .127

This quarterly peer-reviewed journal publishes original research articles and book reviews covering all areas of the history of Christianity and its cultural contexts in all places and times, including its non-Western expressions. Specialists and historians of Christianity in general find Church History: Studies in Christianity and Culture, an international publication regularly cited all over the world, an invaluable resource. Published for the American Society of Church History. 

5. The Journal of Ecclesiastical History

ISSN: 0022-0469  Most Recent SJR Rank: .136

The Journal of Ecclesiastical History publishes material on all aspects of the history of the Christian Church. It deals with the Church both as an institution and in its relations with other religions and society at large. Each volume includes about twenty articles and roughly three hundred notices of recently published books relevant to the interests of the journal"s readers.