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Permanent or persistent links include an electronic source location (URL) and are assigned to eBooks, chapters and articles, and can be copied and shared. Unlike a database session link, the permanent link doesn't include temporary session information and doesn't expire or break after you stop accessing an online item. 

1. Let's look at some examples of generating a permanent link (permalink) on the EBCSO platform.

1.1 Mehta, Rohit, and Earl Aguilera. 2020. “A Critical Approach to Humanizing Pedagogies in Online Teaching and Learning.” International Journal of Information & Learning Technology 37 (3): 109–20. doi:10.1108/IJILT-10-2019-0099.

The article link:

1.2  Fulford, Martin Davies, Richard Gipps, George Graham, John Sadler, Giovanni Stanghellini, and Tim Thornton. 2013. The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy and Psychiatry. International Perspectives in Philosophy and Psychiatry. Oxford: OUP Oxford.

The ebook link:

To access and copy the link, click on the Permalink tool located in the right hand menu. Copy and paste the link that appears in the pop-up window. 










2. Next, let's look at permanent links for articles and eBooks on ProQuest databases.

2. 1 Lightfoot, Alexandra F., EdD., Briana A. Woods PhD., Melvin Jackson M.S.P.H., Linda Riggins B.A., Kathleen Krieger M.P.H., Kimberly Brodie PhD., Phyllis Gray M.P.H., and Daniel L. Howard PhD. 2012. ""in My House": Laying the Foundation for Youth HIV Prevention in the Black Church." Progress in Community Health Partnerships 6 (4) (Winter): 451-6.

The article link:

You can copy the article link from your browser address or click on the Cite tool, generate a citation in your preferred style, and copy the link. 

2. 2 Terrell, Steven R.. 2015. Writing a Proposal for Your Dissertation : Guidelines and Examples. New York: Guilford Publications. Accessed August 3, 2020. ProQuest Ebook Central.

The ebook link:

To access the eBook link on the ProQuest Ebook platform, click on the Share the link tool that includes a chain icon. Then, copy and paste the link or copy and paste it from your browser address. 


EBSCO and ProQuest databases are among the most frequently used resources. If you have a question about accessing and saving a permanent link on other platforms, please don't hesitate to contact us at or

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