Answered By: Natalya Pashkova
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"A monograph is a paper, book, or other work concerned with a single subject or aspect of a subject."  Source: "Monograph." (2014). In Collins Dictionaries (Ed.), Collins English Dictionary (12th ed.). Collins. 

Bible commentaries are written by scholars and theologians to aid in the study of Scripture and to provide explanation and interpretation of Biblical text. Although the Bible commentaries fall into the category of monographs by content, there are other books that you can use in addition to the commentaries. 

For more information on resources for Biblical interpretation, check out Part Three: Hints and Resources and Appendix D: Selected Internet Resources for Biblical Studies in Gorman, Michael J. 2001. Elements of Biblical Exegesis : A Basic Guide for Students and Ministers. Peabody, Mass.: Hendrickson.

If you need some guidance with finding and selecting monographs, please contact your reference librarians at