Answered By: Timothy Grasso
Last Updated: Nov 13, 2018     Views: 46

The Hubbard Library, in its current state, is the conjoining of two buildings- the old McAlister Library, and the new Hubbard Library addition.

The new side is controlled by a master temperature control which regulates various heating and cooling zones. These zones are controlled by the temperature outside of the building. The “green” nature of the building allows the cooling/heating mechanisms to sense the temperature outside and adjust the cooling/heating units in an effort to maintain the set indoor temperature.  This temperature is regulated by the master control and can be controlled by library administration.

The heating and cooling on the old McAlister side employs a much older system, and is controlled by Building Services, not library administration. This system produces a steady stream of cold air in the Summer and warm air in the Winter, regardless of the outdoor temperature or relative level of energy use.