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There are two ways to initiate an Interlibrary Loan (ILL) request. You can submit the request through a database link in the library catalog or through our browzine ejournal service by clicking the "request item through interlibrary loan" button. You can also enter in a request manually on the ILL page of your library account.

1. For example, if you searched a book title, "The Tao of Pooh," and saw that it was not held by Fuller Libraries, you can click on the title and then select the "request item" button to auto-fill most of the ILL request form. The form will automatically open in the ILL page of your library account. 


2. If you already have the citation information for a particular monograph or journal article you can also manually enter the information into an ILL request form. Log in to the ILL page of your library account, and select "create request." Be sure to select the tab for the appropriate form given your request. The form types are for articles, books and book chapters, and for books-by-mail requests (Fuller owned books mailed out to U.S. students outside the Pasadena area).

Fill out the form with as much citation and contact information as possible. Certain fields are required to submit the form. 

For more detailed information on both ways to submit ILL requests, please visit our Interlibrary Loan Guide. If you are an online or regional campus student you may also want to check out the Library Services for Online Users Guide.

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  1. What if you already know the details of the work (i.e., book or article) needed through Interlibrary Loan. How should an order be placed?
    by Grayson Carter on Jun 20, 2013.
  2. 1. Log into your library account using your Fuller ID. Ordinarily, your account is accessed from the Fuller library home page ( "my account" in the top right corner).
    2. Select "My ILL requests" from the user links drop down menu (your name in the top right corner).
    3. Click the "Create Request" button, and select the appropriate form (e.g. article vs. book/ book chapter).
    4. Complete the form with as much information that will be helpful in fulfilling your request as possible. Be sure to answer "no" to the question, "Is this a scan on demand request."
    5. Submit the form.
    by Timothy Grasso on Jul 09, 2018.