Answered By: Timothy Grasso
Last Updated: Dec 07, 2018     Views: 78

TREN is the Theological Research Exchange Network. This is a Christian research clearinghouse based out of Portland, OR. They digitize D.Min. projects, master's theses, conference papers, presentations, and other Christian-based academic resources. The Hubbard Library has a subscription to TREN, and the documents are available--via PDF download--to Fuller students. This is how to limit your search to TREN documents:

1. Sign into your library account and click "advanced search" (or click the advanced search button to the right of the search bar on the library homepage) 

2. In the first search bar do a keyword search for "TREN" in quotes

3. In the second search bar select "and," "keyword," and search whatever document keyword you want to find.

4. Scroll to the bottom of the search tools and select "Fuller Libraries" under libraries. 

5. Click the search button

6. When you find a title you want to read, click the blue "view eBook" and you will be signed into the TREN website Fuller account.

7. Before downloading your document in step 8, take a moment to see if the document is already available via Fuller's subscription. At the page's top right corner is a link saying "view a list of downloaded documents." Open this link in a new tab, and sort the list by title, author, or date (whichever is easiest to find) and select "all" for documents per page. Confirm that your document is not already available. If it is, you can download directly from this page. 

8. Finally, if your document has not already been selected, you will need to select the title for Fuller's subscription by clicking "Add this Digital e-Doc to the Fuller Theological Seminary Subscription" (you may wish to preview the document to confirm your interest). Doing so will open a new page with a "Download Now!" option. Click this to download your document. See screenshot below:


If you would prefer, an alternate method for searching TREN is to search the site directly at The issue here is that you will not be logged into the Fuller seminary account, and thus cannot freely download a desired document directly. Once you find a desired title, you can copy and paste it into the library catalog and follow steps 6-8 above to download the title.