Answered By: Timothy Grasso
Last Updated: Jan 04, 2019     Views: 115

The Fuller library changed to a new way of printing in our building – Wēpa. Wēpa is an outsourced, cloud based, print management solution for patron printing that allows you to upload documents to print from almost anywhere! These kiosks were installed at the library in Spring 2018.

To delete an upload you no longer wish to print, log into your Wepa account at There you can manage all of the documents that you have uploaded in the last 6 days. A six digit alpha-numeric release code appears if the document is available at a Wepa station for printing. If the document has already been printed, you can select "recover file" to print it again. After 6 days from being uploaded, files are automatically deleted from Wepa's servers. If you would like to print again past 6 days, the original file most be re-uploaded. 

You can also cancel print jobs that are currently printing or in your queue at the Wepa Kiosk: 

  1. After selecting a payment option, the page number being printed and total number of pages will be shown at the top of the screen in a circle.
  2. Select ‘Cancel Remaining‘ to stop printing all remaining pages from all print jobs.
  3. Select ‘Cancel Job‘ to stop printing print job that is currently printing.
  4. Select ‘Remove Job‘ to remove print job from print queue to prevent it from printing.