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The Hubbard Library at Fuller is transitioning to a new printing service called Wepa. From Spring 2018 until the end of Fall quarter 2018 you may continue to use the old printing system (PaperCut) and printers. 

Old Print System:

To print on the old system, go to the printing website at You will be prompted to log in using your Fuller ID. On this site you can redeem a print card (print cards are no longer sold), release printing jobs submitted via computer lab printing software, add online credit via debit/credit card, or upload files from a laptop using the "Web Print" feature. (See attached handout.)

Wepa Print System:

The new Wepa print system is an outsourced, cloud based, print management solution for patron printing that allows you to print from literally anywhere! There are two Kiosks on the library's first and second floor, and one on the third. In addition to single page, black and white, The Wepa kiosks have the ability to print 2 sided and in color.

Wēpa kiosks accept credit/debit cards and Paypal for payment, instead of cash or print cards. Printing will cost 8 cents per page for black and white, and 25 cents per page for color. You can charge credit to your account for free, or pay a 40 cent convenience fee for each printing job as a guest. We recommend creating a Wepa account to unlock the full features of the system and to save money. (You can use your Fuller ID when creating a Wepa account to help remember your login.) You can do this at any Wepa Kisok, or register at

Once your account is created, you will be given the option at Wepa kiosks to link your account to any card with a magnetic strip (like a debit/credit card). This saves time by allowing you to sign in with a swipe, rather than typing in a username and password. 

There are a total of seven different ways you can send your printing jobs to the kiosks depending on user preference and ease of function. You can continue to do web uploads like on the old system by going to You can also download software at for your PC/Mac to do traditional printing from your computer. Alternatively you can email documents to, download the Wepa print app to your mobile device, or use an old fashioned USB flash drive at any kiosk. For those who use free Google Drive access with their student email, any files saved to Google Drive are automatically accessible from Wepa kiosks, along with all of your documents submitted on Canvas. Files sent to the Wepa print system will be saved and accessible for six days. 

If you have further questions about Wepa and its print/ account functionality check out our Wepa how-to guide below.


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