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Thanks for your question!  There are several aspects of the Interlibrary loan service.   The standard service involves borrowing books from other Libraries.  The Hubbard Library borrows books from other schools for Pasadena campus students.  Since ILL privileges only apply to site-to-site borrowing/lending, the Hubbard Library is unable to send borrowed books (from other schools) to regional campus students, as that would be a violation of ILL policy.

However, there are options for Regional Campus students:

ILL/Borrowing Books:  There are two options:

1. ILL through the public Library: Most public Libraries use the same ILL service as the Fuller Library. They are able to obtain books for any patron.

2. Partnership with other schools: Most Fuller regional campuses have partnerships with major universities in their area.

3. Document Delivery (For Pasadena Library Books only): Regional campus students are able to request books from the Pasadena Library through the Document delivery function of the ILL module.  Students need to identify themselves as "non-Pasadena" students on their profile, and also need to indicate in the "notes" field that they are requesting a book from the Pasadena campus library through document delivery.

ILL for Articles:

1. Regional Campus students are able to request ILL's for articles that are not owned by the Pasadena Library.  The articles (if sent via pdf) will be posted to the students' ILL account.  If the articles are copied and sent by mail, they will be forwarded to the student's primary address shown on his/her ILL account. *Many schools charge a fee for this service*

2. Document Delivery from Pasadena: All regional campus students are able to request articles from the Pasadena Library via document delivery through the ILL service.

For more information about the the Library tools and services available for regional campus students, please visit the Regional Campus Info Guides:

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